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Ensures low false positive rate

Supports both on-premise and cloud environments

Protects devices with no possibility to install EDR

Based upon strong mathematical foundation; patent has been filed

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Designed for SME+

Provides Automatic Response to security threats and attacks

Protects from both external and internal attacks and threats

Ensures low false positive rate

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SDefender SOAR PLUS System

Modern security threats
may cause loss of data, interruption of normal business operations, loss of reputation and even total shut down.
SDefender is a comprehensive Security Orchestration, Automation and Response solution
designed to coordinate and manage security systems based on events gathered from diverse sources.
SDefender enables the automation of standard response scenarios to external threats, thus ensuring data CIA: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

SDefender Vision

Prevent the attack rather than control the damage later.​

Every security incident must be processed.

People should MANAGE, not SERVE information systems.

SDefender In Numbers

99.982% attacks automatically blocked​
Average response time 0.12 sec​
Less than 1 false positive per month
Up to 1000 defensive actions per minute​

SDefender Advantages


User friendly interface

Well trained team

Top development team

SDefender In Action

What Do We Do?

  • SDefender collects and consolidates in real time data flows from data from various sources on all client’s network;
  • SDefender detects potential threats very early on (first two stages of “kill chain”) and
  • SDefender AUTOMATICALLY responds to the threats.

Why Now?

  • The number of cyber attacks on SMEs constantly grows
  • Attacks become more sophisticated and automatic
  • Real organized crime syndicates stand behind most of attacks
  • There is a severe lack of cyber security professionals, salaries are skyrocketing
  • Huge number of false alarms blocks operations of SOC (Security Operations Center)

SDefender Success Stories

Municipality in Israel

Office rental building in Germany

Private cloud data center Israel/US/Europe

SDefender Team

Evgeniy Khaskelberg, Ph.D.

Board Member, CEO and CTO. More than 30 years’ experience in IT and Cyber Security. Founder and CEO of a successful IT services provider in Israel.

Yonatan Luchter

Former team leader at Matzov (elite IDF cyber unit)

Board Members

Lev Zaidenberg
Co-founder, Active Chairman of the Board

Software expert. Was responsible for cyber security in a leading IDF development unit. 
International entrepreneur, founder & manager of numerous startups. Leader in several exits.
Mark Luchter

Co-founder, Board Member

Telecommunications and cyber security expert, extensive experience in initiating, setting up, leading and managing Israeli hi-tech startup companies.
Yaakov Haran

Board Member

Former Communications Commander in IDF and Head of Operational Technologies in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.
Leonardo Berezowsky
Co-Founder, CFO

Expert in finance and corporate governance; vast experience in numerous start-ups.

Evgeniy Khaskelberg

Lev Zaidenberg

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